What divorcing parents should remember when co-parenting children

While going through a divorce in New York can be an emotional and unpleasant experience, dealing with a former spouse may not stop after the divorce is settled, especially if children are involved. Many former couples will continue to co-parent the kids until the children become adults. There are a few guidelines that co-parents can follow to make the transition a bit easier.

Both parents should understand that any decisions that are made regarding child custody and child support by the court are made in the best interests of the children. In many cases, it is important for both parents to have a vital role in raising the children even if one parent does not want to share the kids. Since the transition from one to two households can be difficult for both the kids and the parents, the adults should avoid putting their children in the middle of any conflicts, especially if those arguments are related to the divorce.

When transitioning to two households, parents should set the same rules. This can help the kids understand what is expected of them and make the transition much easier. Further, having a plan that involves how the change of custody will occur, such as where the children will spend the different holidays, can reduce miscommunication and confusion between the two parents and the kids.

Splitting up custody and reaching an agreement on other issues, such as child support, can be difficult for some, especially if the divorce itself is contentious. A family law attorney may assist with negotiating a parenting schedule with the other party. If negotiations do not end in a settlement, or if there is evidence that the other parent would not be able to provide proper care for the children, a lawyer may represent a parent during the trial to seek a child custody order that protects the children.

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