Rochester Divorce Lawyer

Rochester Divorce Lawyer

Divorce Attorney in Rochester, NY

Ending a marriage is an emotionally challenging process, and divorce proceedings also often pose difficult financial questions to the parties involved. Navigating your divorce proceedings will be much easier and more efficient when you have reliable legal counsel on your side. No matter the underlying reasons for your divorce or what type of unique issues your divorce is likely to include, it is much easier to navigate this difficult situation with the assistance of an experienced Rochester, NY, divorce attorney.
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Legal Counsel for Rochester, NY, Divorce Cases

Attorney Jonathan Trotto and the team at the Trotto Law Firm, PC, have years of experience guiding our clients through complex divorces. We understand that the emotional aspects can make it very challenging to make objective decisions about the practical aspects of divorce. Therefore, our goal is to help you understand the full scope of your legal options for your dissolution proceedings and assist you in making informed decisions about your divorce.
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Why Do I Need a Rochester, NY, Divorce Attorney?

You might assume that you can handle your divorce case on your own, saving money on legal fees. Unfortunately, divorce is likely to pose significant financial hurdles for the next several years of your life, and the thought of taking on additional economic strain in the form of attorneys’ fees can be difficult to justify. However, it is vital to understand that you stand to lose more than you could gain by foregoing legal counsel. Divorce proceedings are more complex than many people realize, and it’s crucial to enter your divorce case armed with legal counsel you can trust.

Working with an experienced Rochester, NY, divorce lawyer can lead to a more positive outcome to your divorce than you could have managed alone. You can also approach the situation with peace of mind and greater confidence when you have an experienced legal team handling your divorce proceedings on your behalf. In addition, you can rely on the team at the Trotto Law Firm, PC, to provide ongoing support through every stage of your case, ultimately helping you reach the most favorable divorce terms possible under New York law.

What Does Divorce Entail?

The divorce process is more than just ending a marriage contract. You and your spouse must also resolve property division and settle custody rights over your children if you have any. You can rely on your Rochester, NY, divorce attorney to guide you through the various stages of your divorce case, including:

  • Property division. New York follows an equitable distribution law. This means property is not always divided equally, but on what is fair to the spouses. For example, each spouse can keep separate property, such as assets owned before marriage and inheritance. It’s possible to resolve property division through litigation or privately with collaborative law. We can help you through this process without court intervention.
  • Spousal maintenance/alimony). If one spouse is financially dependent on the other, divorce may require a spousal support arrangement that allows the supported spouse to retain a reasonable standard of living after divorce. This spousal maintenance hinges on the difference in income between the spouses. The timeframe that payments must continue depends on how long the marriage lasted.
  • Child custody. Perhaps the most emotionally challenging aspect of divorce is determining custody rights over the couple’s children. The Rochester, NY, family court system must verify that the child custody determination suits the child’s best interests. The judge overseeing the case will evaluate numerous factors to decide what type of custody arrangement would be best for the divorcing parents’ children.

In this situation, you can:

  • Reach a private agreement regarding custody without the intervention of the court or attorneys.
  • Go to court. The judge must determine what is in the children’s best interest.
  • The Collaborative process. Collaborative Law is great way for parties to reach an agreement on custody without the court
  • Child support. When one parent primary residence of their children in divorce, or when parents have shared residency arrangements, child support becomes a necessity. One parent will pay basic child support to the other every month to help cover the cost of the child’s basic needs. However, the payment of basic support may vary depending on the residency schedule. Both parents are expected to contribute toward the financial cost of raising their child on a prorated basis by contributing to the cost of the children’s health insurance, medical expenses, daycare and childcare costs, and higher education.

Your impending divorce case can require consideration of all these issues and others, depending on the unique variables in play in your case. For example, some divorce cases must address spousal abuse and other forms of domestic violence, often leading to protective orders and very carefully defined custody and visitation terms. Whatever your situation entails, you can rely on the Trotto Law Firm, PC, to provide ongoing support and guidance through every phase of your case.

Preparing for Your Divorce in Rochester, NY

The right attorney can help you make more informed decisions about your divorce in Rochester, NY. For example, you may be able to avoid a large portion of litigation by pursuing alternative dispute resolution, as long as both you and your soon-to-be ex-spouse agree to explore these options. In addition, many divorcing couples in Rochester, NY, are choosing collaborative law to resolve their divorce, as this process gives the parties’ total control over their divorce settlement.

In whatever way you decide to handle your divorce case, you must prepare for complex proceedings and extensive financial negotiations. Therefore, financial disclosure is an essential part of the divorce process. Divorce requires full disclosure of all assets, debts, and income sources. You must prove your separate property if you make this claim. These financial disclosure statements will be essential for determining property division, spousal maintenance, and other aspects of the divorce, no matter how the couple chooses to handle their case.

It’s understandable to feel daunted, confused, and frustrated about your impending divorce proceedings, and you probably have lots of questions about preparing for this challenging process. The best thing you can do to prepare for your divorce is to consult an experienced Rochester, NY, divorce attorney. The sooner you secure legal representation, the easier it will be for you to develop your case and prepare for the difficult proceedings ahead of you. If you are ready to discuss your case with a Rochester, NY, divorce attorney, contact the Trotto Law Firm, PC, today and schedule your case evaluation with our team.

Providing Optimal Solutions For Your Family Law Concerns

Family law covers many legal procedures, including divorce, child custody, parenting time and visitation schedules, maintenance/spousal support, property division and adoption. At Trotto Law Firm, P.C., we help secure favorable results through our well-designed contracts and aggressive negotiation. Our legal team efficiently navigates complex processes, limiting the emotional strain that divorce, custody or child support disputes can create. When personal matters require legal remedies, it is important that the resolution is both effective and efficient.

Our firm takes pride in the long-term solutions we provide in a timely fashion. We advocate on behalf of Rochester metro residents who need sound legal advice to help them protect what matters through litigation, negotiation or collaboration. Our legal professionals are led by our award-winning attorney, Jonathan Trotto, commended by Super Lawyers and The Daily Record for his customized legal service and impressive record.

These accolades highlight our firm’s emphasis on providing outstanding representation to all our clients. We are compassionate and dedicated to effectively and efficiently resolving cases, but also strong and aggressive in our approach. At Trotto Law Firm, P.C., we fight for what’s right for our clients and in their best interests without being frivolous or petty.

Providing Knowledgeable Guidance For A Range Of Concerns

Whether you need to change your marital status, our law firm can streamline this undertaking to help you focus on your family’s future and guide you through the divorce process.

Our New York law firm focuses primarily on family law. As a result, we offer comprehensive services for many matters, including:

In or out of court, we will advocate on your behalf. We offer both litigation and collaborative law services.

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