Collaborative Divorce Vs Traditional Divorce

Collaborative Divorce Vs Traditional Divorce

When is Collaborative Divorce A Better Option?

Making the choice to end your marriage is not easy, and there will be various complex issues to resolve throughout this process. Some New York couples are able to address their divorce disputes through the collaborative process, while others will opt for a traditional litigated divorce. Our attorney employs the appropriate methods and resources necessary to help you reach a beneficial conclusion.

Every divorce is different, and at Trotto Law Firm, P.C., we believe that each client deserves individualized legal counsel. Call us to discuss your divorce needs at 585-453-0040.

Benefits To Collaborative Divorce

Some of the benefits of collaborative divorce include the following:

  • More efficient process.
  • Negotiating and requesting what is in your best interest, not position negotiation.
  • Finding the best results for both spouses.
  • Use of allied professionals — mediators to facilitate discussion, financial professionals to create budgets and help divide assets, taking into consideration taxes and further retirement, social workers and mental health professionals to help counsel parties through divorce and create parenting plans for children.
  • Doesn’t bring the kids into the court system.
  • Less stressful than a traditional, litigated divorce.
  • Leads to more workable, sustainable divorce agreements.

One negative is that not many attorneys are trained in the process of collaborative divorce. But at Trotto Law Firm, P.C., we are.

Traditional Divorce Versus Collaborative Divorce

Traditional divorce often involves litigation because a couple is unable to reach reasonable conclusions to many of their divorce-related disputes. However, collaboration offers you the opportunity to address your conflicts in a way that is productive and respectful outside of the courtroom.

Collaborative divorce can be used very efficiently for the right couples, while others need the more traditional route of litigated divorce. Whatever the right path is for you, we will tailor our strategy for your divorce case to suit your objectives.

If you’re considering collaborative divorce versus traditional divorce, several factors should be emphasized. Collaborative divorce aims to troubleshoot problems and reach beneficial settlements through good-faith negotiations and discussions that are focused on both spouse’s interests. For more information, contact the local Rochester association.

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