Rochester Grandparents’ Rights Lawyer

Rochester Grandparents’ Rights Lawyer

Do New York Grandparents Have Custody And Visitation Rights in Rochester, New York?

Grandparents have a special role in the life of their grandchildren, and it is often in the best interests of the children to have regular access to their extended family members. However, due to family conflict, divorce or even a death in the family, grandparents may find it necessary to fight to preserve their relationship with their grandchildren.

New York law allows grandparents to seek custody and visitation with grandkids in certain circumstances. At Trotto Law Firm, P.C., we understand the sensitive nature of unusual custody and visitation concerns. Our lawyer will evaluate your case, explain your options and advocate for your rights as you move forward.

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Pursuing Custody of Grandchildren

New York courts recognize the parents’ inherent right to make decisions on behalf of their children, even if that means limiting contact with grandparents. However, there are limited circumstances in which a court may agree that visitation with grandparents is in the best interests of the child, including:

  • Evidence of a strong pre-existing relationship between the grandparents and grandchildren and the relationship was cut off
  • One parent is unavailable

You may have reasonable grounds to petition the court for the right to seek custody of your grandchild if the parent/parents are unfit. These instances include extraordinary circumstances such as if there is evidence of abuse, poverty, neglect or drug use by the parents. Clear evidence of extraordinary circumstances would make this not only necessary, but also beneficial for the children.

You Have A Right To Pursue Visitation With Grandchildren

For a grandparent, being able to see grandchildren and have regular visits with them is critical for maintaining relationships. If your goal is to protect your relationships with your grandchildren, then our goal is to bring your case to a successful conclusion. You can rely on our experience and knowledge of New York laws as you navigate this sensitive family law matter and try to establish visitation rights.

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