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About divorce law

Couples in New York have many options with regard to how they get a divorce. One of these options, a collaborative divorce, is an alternative to litigation and allows parties to arrive at terms without going to court.

Situations when divorce may make sense for parents

The effects that divorce can have on children have been well documented, and parents in New York and around the country sometimes choose to stay in unhappy marriages because they wish to keep their families intact. Experts say that staying together for the sake of the children often does more harm than good, but it may make sense in certain situations. Important factors to consider when weighing this decision include the ages of the children involved and the nature of the issues their parents are facing.

Predicting the likelihood of divorce

Before getting married, most New York spouses believe that their relationships will last a lifetime. Despite such optimistic outlooks, many marriages will eventually end in divorce. Researchers have found a number of factors that can help predict whether couples might end up divorcing in the future.

Some paths are more likely to lead toward divorce

Marriage, as most New York couples know, has both its ups and downs. While healthy couples can often recover from certain issues, spouses who might have already been struggling might not be able to continue after a crisis. Furthermore, there are certain situations that are more likely to lead couples to divorce.

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