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January 2018 Archives

Is there a right way to talk to your kids about divorce?

You and your spouse have filed for divorce. The next hurdle you’ll have to overcome is how you are going to tell your kids. By preparing for the conversation that you will have with your kids, you may be able to decrease their anxieties about the divorce and leave them feeling hopeful.

Changes ahead for spousal maintenance payments in 2019

People in New York who get a divorce that is finalized in 2019 may end up paying more in spousal maintenance than if their divorce had been finalized in prior years. The tax bill passed in December 2017 changes how spousal maintenance is treated regarding taxes, and some attorneys say they are getting a surge of calls from people who were previously undecided about divorcing.

Tech industry can spark challenging high-asset divorces

Divorcing spouses in New York may find the end of their marriages to be a challenging time in both personal and practical contexts. Ending the emotional involvement of a marriage after a long, intense relationship can be particularly difficult, and these challenges can only be exacerbated in the case of high-asset divorces that involve complex assets.

Negotiating a divorce settlement

When New York couples end their marriage, many choose to negotiate a settlement agreement. Most people want to get the process done and over with his quickly as possible so that they can move on with their lives. Unfortunately, emotions can run high during a divorce, leading to unnecessary conflict that prolongs the process.

Digital stalking may be easier than ever

When a couple divorces, one party may be interested in keeping tabs on their former partner. In some cases, this may be done to collect evidence of an affair or of substance abuse. However, New York residents or others may spy on their former spouses because they want to exert control over that person. As technology advances, it may be relatively easy to accomplish that goal.

QDROs and the division of retirement funds in a divorce

Dividing your assets during a divorce is often complicated. If you happen to be more well-established in life, there can be myriad accounts and properties that you’ll need to reallocate. One area of your assets that may not immediately come to mind, but is of great importance, is your retirement accounts.

It’s your money too: top tips for uncovering his assets

By all accounts, it’s surprisingly common for men to hide assets from their wives. In the complex world of today’s finances—with portfolios consisting of homes, rentals and vacation properties, as well as stock options, 401ks and pension plans, life insurance plans and business ownership—it may not even be that difficult to hide assets from you. But during divorce, it is illegal.

Getting ready for a divorce

Certain times of the year are more common for divorce, such as just after the new year or on returning from summer vacation. There are ways people can start preparing for divorce even if they have not yet made up their minds. For example, researching New York divorce laws may be helpful. This should be done using reliable sources, such as the website for the state court system. People may also want to make a list of questions to ask attorneys and think about whether the divorce could be settled in mediation.

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