These apps may help you through your divorce

Getting a divorce is no easy task. Not only do you need to deal with the legal, financial and emotional complications throughout the weeks or months of the divorce proceedings, but you must figure out how to manage custody, support payments and rebuilding your life once your divorce is final.

All of this can seem overwhelming. But there are many ways to ease your stress and figure out what you need to do. One tool that you may not realize can help you through your divorce is your phone. There are numerous apps available to guide you through various aspects of your divorce. Here are some to consider.


One of the most frustrating responsibilities to deal with is tracking payments. Parenting during and after your divorce means you need to keep track of child support payments, medical bills and extracurricular activity expenses. Whether you are paying or receiving, the SupportPay app can help you organize and assess these payments.


If you are in a co-parenting situation, you may run into a lot of obstacles. When your child goes from house to house, it can be hard to stay on top of everything. 2Houses is an app that helps you track expenses, share calendars, make lists and share photos. Both you and the other parent can download this app to make everything more convenient.


This service assists you with a variety of co-parenting responsibilities. Use OurFamilyWizard to share medical records, track spending and keep a virtual diary.


Managing a divorced family can be challenging. Thankfully, you can use SquareHub as a private group to easily schedule vacations, track extracurricular activities, send text messages and share photos.

There truly is an app for every problem you face, including the end of your marriage. These tools may be able to help you sort through the logistics and hurdles of your breakup.

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