The driving force behind collaborative divorce

When two people marry, they do so believing that they will always agree with each other, always enjoy each other and always stay together. Unfortunately, this is not always possible. Over half of all marriages still end in divorce, and dividing one life into two can make even the most amicable people bicker.

You assume divorce involves disagreement at all levels, and that coming to a reasonable conclusion is impossible. Collaborative divorce, however, allows couples to work out the details of their uncoupling within a safe and much less hostile environment.

New York law encourages collaborative divorce

If you reside in New York, you have the opportunity to end your marriage with less conflict and more positive intentions. New York has an entire section of family law that deals with collaborative divorce. Here, you can find further information on how the collaborative process works and if your situation warrants it.

Benefits of a collaborative divorce

Collaborative divorce affords the parties involved with face-to-face sessions to hash out and resolve the terms of their divorce. One of the hallmarks of collaborative divorce is that the parties have to remain fully honest and open to compromise. The entire process relies on transparency. Dividing up property and debt and settling child custody, visitation and support can start the next phase of your life off on a much more positive foot.

Helpful hints to get through the process

New York allows a couple to participate in collaborative proceedings with the understanding that if they cannot agree, they will go back to the traditional divorce route. However, they must retain new counsel to represent them. During the collaborative process, an attorney can also step away from the client and the proceedings if he or she feels like the client is not participating in good faith.

Collaborative divorce is one way you and your spouse can end your marriage with less hostility and anger. Negotiating in good faith, remaining transparent and compromising when necessary can help make this process a success.

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