Some paths are more likely to lead toward divorce

Marriage, as most New York couples know, has both its ups and downs. While healthy couples can often recover from certain issues, spouses who might have already been struggling might not be able to continue after a crisis. Furthermore, there are certain situations that are more likely to lead couples to divorce.

Some marriages dissolve because the spouses cannot find a way to make their relationships work. The marriage breaks down and the constant fights and struggles wear everyone down. Incompatibility is another reason why some couples chose a divorce. When the two people involved in the relationship cannot agree on the big issues such as where to live, religion or values, the conflict generated might result in a separation. Having to face difficult situations such as serious illnesses or the death of a child might put such strain in a relationship that it cannot be overcome.

Addiction and infidelity are two other causes that many marriages are often unable to survive. Infidelity might be physical or emotional, a one-night stand or a parallel relationship, but the trust issues created by these actions are often too difficult for many spouses to overlook. Addiction of any kind — alcohol, drugs, gambling or even video games — can also cause enough strife in a marriage to end a relationship.

Divorce is often the result of issues that develop over time, and statistics show that by the five-year mark, about 22 percent of marriages end in divorce. By the 20-year mark, this number is up to over 50 percent. If a person finds themselves making the decision to pursue a divorce, they might also find benefits in seeking a divorce lawyer who can guide them through the legal scenarios.

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