Rochester Probate and Estate Administration Lawyer

Rochester Probate and Estate Administration Lawyer

Assisting You With Estate Administration And Probate in Rochester, NY

If you have been selected as an estate executor for a loved one, you have a fiduciary obligation to administer the decedent’s estate, which includes the distribution of assets in accordance with the will and payment of debts and taxes pursuant to New York law.

For individuals who die without a will, the court allows a family member or friend to serve as an administrator and distribute the decedent’s assets in accordance with New York laws of intestacy.

rochester probate and estate administration attorney

The estate administration and probate process require diligence. As with other legal matters connected to life changes, there are many steps that can complicate this undertaking.

At Trotto Law Firm, P.C., our legal professionals work with executors and beneficiaries throughout the Rochester metro so they can efficiently resolve complex probate or estate administration issues. Our principal attorney, Jonathan Trotto, has extensive experience in these practice areas. As a result, he ably identifies the best course of action to pursue to streamline the steps of the probate process.

Our staff recognizes that each estate administration has unique challenges. Estate administration and probate are long processes. Our staff can guide you through these processes so that your family is not unnecessarily burdened with legal dilemmas during this difficult time. We can also assist in probating a will.

In addition to offering a personalized approach, we are dedicated to remaining accessible throughout the process. With our staff’s assistance, you will know which documents to retain, individuals to locate and timelines to meet. We aim to conclude this matter quickly so that you can return your focus to your loved ones.

Identifying The Proper Process For Your Specific Circumstances

Whether the estate requires probate or administration depends on a variety of factors in New York. After reviewing your circumstances, we can assist on a range of matters, including:

  • Probate proceedings
  • Intestate administration proceedings
  • Elective share proceedings
  • Voluntary administration for small estates

rochester probate and estate administration lawyer

Even if you have served as an executor before, you may have a lot of questions about your responsibilities. As your advocates, we are committed to educating you on your options and duties. It is important to us that you feel comfortable with the decisions you’ll be making throughout the process.

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