Some husbands may resent wives who earn more money

As the gender pay gap begins to decrease throughout New York, more and more wives are beginning to earn higher incomes than their husbands. Unfortunately, this societal advancement is not having a positive effect on all marriages. Analysts say that many American males prefer being the predominant earners in their committed relationships. Whether the reason boils down to old-fashioned values or lessons learned from their parents, lots of husbands want to bear financial responsibility for their families.

Regardless of the fact that many wives today earn high salaries, men typically contribute more money toward their marriages. Traditional views supporting men as the main breadwinners still exist as well. Approximately 75 percent of participants in a recent Pew survey stated that having more women in the workplace has made it harder for parents to bring up their kids.

Marriages occurring later in life may view financial stability as an important factor. Divorcees wishing to remarry are often looking for security in lieu of love. Statistics show that a husband who is not employed on a full-time basis is more likely to file for divorce. Furthermore, unemployed husbands may also contribute to divorce because they have poor credit histories and no money to pay their mortgages.

Regardless of the reason, divorce is never pretty. No one gets married with the intention of ending a marriage. However, money often plays a key role as to whether a couple stays married or files for divorce.

Fortunately, a wife or husband who wants a divorce can get help from a family law attorney. Long-term marriages are especially vulnerable to complications occurring during divorce proceedings. However, legal counsel could provide valuable guidance and look out for a client’s best interests.

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