How to resolve custody issues without harming the kids

New York residents and other parents going through a divorce may want custody or other rights to their children. Their desire to retain a relationship with a child may lead them to inadvertently put them in the middle of a dispute with the other parent. However, there are ways that this may be avoided.

First, it may be a good idea to acknowledge that both parents should have equitable rights when it comes to raising their children. This can allow individuals to work toward a custody arrangement that puts the needs of the children first. Failing to do so could lead to emotional scars for children that may not be resolved in adulthood. To put the needs of the children first, it is important that parents are able to communicate with each other.

Those who feel like private negotiations won’t work may wish to pursue collaborative divorce. This may be beneficial in situations where a parent believes that he or she should have sole custody or more rights than the other parent. In such a setting, the child may be able to express his or her own opinion as to who he or she wants to live with. Hearing directly from a child may make it easier to develop a plan with his or her needs in mind.

The end of a marriage may cause a person to feel bitter, angry or anxious. Opting for collaborative divorce may make it easier for an individual to work through those issues. This may allow parents to create a custody plan that allows them to focus on the needs of their children as opposed to their own. Such a process may prevent a child from being caught up in the middle of a parental dispute.

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