Getting ready for a divorce

Certain times of the year are more common for divorce, such as just after the new year or on returning from summer vacation. There are ways people can start preparing for divorce even if they have not yet made up their minds. For example, researching New York divorce laws may be helpful. This should be done using reliable sources, such as the website for the state court system. People may also want to make a list of questions to ask attorneys and think about whether the divorce could be settled in mediation.

Another step is organizing finances. This could mean pulling tax returns, credit card bills, pay stubs and more as well as ordering a credit report. People might want to reduce their use of social media or stop using it altogether since information about money, children or other issues could be used against them during the divorce proceeding.

Divorce is painful, but people can begin thinking about their future after the divorce and what their goals are. They may also want to consider what kind of self-care will be helpful. This could involve joining a gym, making several appointments with a therapist or creating a support system of family and friends.

The divorce process will involve a couple needing to reach an agreement on property division and child custody if there are children or on having a judge make a decision. Many couples prefer to try to negotiate a divorce since this keeps them in control of the outcome. Their Rochester divorce attorneys might participate in this negotiation or do the bulk of the negotiations. However, in some cases, a couple will be unable to reach an agreement. When this happens, the couple may have to go to litigation. A judge will attempt to divide the property fairly and make a ruling about custody that is what’s best for the child.

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