Dealing with restrictions during a pending divorce

Going through a divorce can lead to some unexpected restrictions for some New York couples. During the process of finalizing a split, there are a number of changes and actions that may require patience. Even spouses who are prepared for the financial and legal changes may find themselves surprised by some of the things that they cannot do during the divorce proceedings.

For example, a spouse will generally need to keep their future ex on their health insurance plan until the divorce is finalized. While a child custody battle takes place, one parent may be restricted from leaving the country with the children. In many cases, overseas travel with the children is restricted during divorce and custody disputes, especially when one of the parties has citizenship, residency rights or family ties to another country that could enable the parent to keep them outside the United States. In many cases, a parent simply wants to travel with their kids. However, they could find themselves blocked by the restrictions surrounding their divorce.

There are also several financial restrictions that aim to preserve the status quo while the divorce and associated asset division is pending. For example, neither party can transfer or sell marital property or empty bank accounts. While both spouses can continue to pay for their normal costs of living, anything that appears to be a way to siphon money from the divorce process could lead to an order to reimburse the other spouse.

Going through a divorce can raise many questions and concerns. Thankfully, a family law attorney can help a divorcing spouse understand what is happening throughout the process. Legal counsel can also provide strong advocacy and representation to help protect the rights of a client throughout the divorce period.

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