Children’s perspectives during divorce

Many New York parents who want to get divorced are worried about the impact that it might have on their children. They can do several things to help to prevent their children from suffering harm because of their divorces and to help them to manage their feelings more positively. Understanding how children view divorces can help people who are planning to end their marriages.

Assuming the blame

Some children internalize the blame and believe that they did something to cause their parents to split up. Others think that they have the power to do something that will keep their parents together. Like other people, children are frequently fearful of change. Parents should explain that the children have not done anything wrong and are not to blame for their divorces. They should also tell them that there isn’t anything that the children can do to end the divorce.

Dealing with family events and holidays

Family events like birthday parties and holidays are frequently a source of conflict for divorced couples. This can rob the children of the enjoyment that they should rightfully experience during these types of celebrations. If the parents can handle being around each other, they should consider holding joint celebrations when possible. At a minimum, parents might want to divide the time during holidays so that their children can spend time with both. The children can then feel less stress during the holidays and their birthdays while they enjoy spending time with the people they love.

Divorce is difficult for everyone in a family, including children. Parents who want to end their marriages might want to consult with experienced divorce and child custody attorneys. Working with a lawyer might help parents to understand the types of negative impacts that can happen to their children. An attorney might work to negotiate a full settlement and parenting plan that may protect the client while also making it easier for the children to deal with the feelings that they are experiencing because of the changes that are occurring in their lives.

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