4 reasons your friends make bad divorce lawyers

Whether contemplating a divorce or going through one, you may find your situation to be all-consuming. That is perfectly normal, as dissolving any marriage can be both stressful and sad. While it is okay to talk to your friends about your experience, you should be careful about asking for legal advice.

There is an old and colorful expression about opinions. Put cleanly, everyone has one, and it is not worth much. While most opinions are relatively harmless, asking for advice about your divorce could cause you to make some bad decisions. Here are four reasons your friends are not good divorce lawyers:

1. They have their own baggage

You may have the best friends in the world. Still, everyone brings some baggage to any relationship. If your friends advise you on your divorce, they are probably drawing on experiences that may or may not fit with your situation. Remember, what happened during your pal’s divorce may not happen during yours.

2. They probably do not know the law

New York family law is incredibly complex. Unless your friends have extensive training in divorce law, they simply do not have enough experience to provide you with advice about your divorce.

3. They likely have no idea about your situation

You probably do not like to talk about finances and other marital details. While there is nothing wrong with discretion, it leaves your buddies grossly underinformed to talk competently about the intricacies of your divorce.

4. They are useful for other things

Your friends can help you survive your divorce. Rather than leaning on your pals for divorce advice, though, ask them to do the sort of things friends do. Taking you to a ball game, watching your children, preparing dinner or doing other friendly activities can be a big help.

Divorces usually are not easy. While you probably want some emotional support, you should not rely on your friends for legal advice about your legal situation. By leaving divorce discussions at your lawyer’s office, you avoid both receiving misinformation and misusing your friends.

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