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How to react if a spouse is acting poorly in a divorce

There are many actions that may be frowned upon during a New York divorce proceeding. For example, hiding assets is something that a judge may not like to hear about. It may also be underhanded to share a spouse's private information with friends or other family members without that person's permission. Fortunately, there are things that a person can do to minimize the effects of those actions.

First, it may be wise for an individual to document any email, phone call or other communication related to the divorce. An attorney may be able to write a letter to the other person's attorney asking that such actions stop immediately. When it comes to potential hiding of assets, an individual may take steps such as making note of any mail or other correspondence from a financial institution.

Accounting for money taken from a joint account

If a New York spouse took money out of a joint account and put it into another account in his or her name only, the money may still be considered marital property. Even if that were not the case, a judge would likely not let the person keep all of that money. However, it may mean that the person is looking to get a divorce or is otherwise not invested in the marriage.

It could also mean that a spouse is protecting joint funds from being mismanaged. Those who like to spend money or who have poor luck with investments in the past may put the family finances in jeopardy. Ultimately, those who are concerned about a spouse making a decision unilaterally may be to talk with an attorney. It may also be a good idea to talk with the bank where the account was established.

How social media can harm you during divorce

It is amazing how social media has changed the way people communicate and share information about themselves. Five years ago, only college students and teenagers had a Facebook page. Now, Fortune 500 corporations, start-up companies and octogenarians have Facebook pages.  While social media makes for interesting interactions, it could also lead to serious problems for people going through contested child custody matters.

Why is this? It appears that people are more likely to express things on the Internet (that can be seen by the masses) that they wouldn’t necessarily say in person. It is not uncommon to find disparaging comments about a parent through Facebook. Also, some may have pictures of themselves partying and out of control while claiming to be responsible parents. 

Ways to make an executor's task easier, more efficient

Picking the right person to handle their affairs after death is one of the most important things New York residents can do during the estate planning process. Fulfilling the duties of an executor is something a person might not want to do, since it brings home the finality of a friend's or loved one's death.

While some people may not want to shoulder this duty, others may look upon it as an honor, a symbol of trust that the decedent had. Whatever the case, there are things an executor can do to make this task easier.

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