Fairport Divorce Lawyer

Fairport Divorce Lawyer

Fairport, NY Divorce Attorney

It takes a lot of self-reflection, emotional management, and thoughtful consideration to decide that divorce is the best option for your family. While it can provide relief to know that you have made the right decision, the overwhelming nature of the divorce and family law process can quickly take hold. You are now tasked with dividing up your belongings, managing your finances separately, and preparing for single parenthood if you have children. All of this stress can be drastically minimized with the help of a Fairport, NY divorce lawyer.

At Trotto Law Firm, our team has years of experience handling all types of divorce cases in Fairport, NY. We understand no two divorces are the same, which is why we tailor our services to fit each client’s specific needs. Whether you are facing a highly contentious divorce or a more amicable one, we will work to help you achieve a favorable outcome that values your time, money, and energy.

Why Do People Divorce?

There are many different reasons why people choose to divorce. Some of the most common reasons include:

  • Infidelity: If you have been cheated on, it can be difficult to trust your spouse again and move past the hurt and betrayal. Even the most honest and genuine apologies cannot always repair the damage that has been done. This sense of irreparable damage is often what leads couples to seek divorce.
  • Lack of communication: If you are both constantly fighting and never seem to see eye-to-eye, it can be a sign the relationship needs some serious help. When couples stop communicating or only do so to argue, it creates an unhealthy dynamic that can quickly spiral out of control.
  • Different life goals: As you and your spouse grow and change over time, it is not uncommon for your individual goals and aspirations to diverge. This can be a difficult reality to confront, especially if you have been together for many years. When couples are unaligned, it often leads to tension and conflict that can be tough to overcome.
  • Money problems: Money is a leading divorce case, as it can be a major source of stress for couples. Arguments about spending and saving money often indicate deeper issues, such as trust and respect. If you and your spouse are constantly bickering about money, it may be time to seek professional help.

If you are considering divorce for these or any other reasons, it is important to consult with a New York divorce lawyer to discuss your legal options.

How Does the Divorce Process Work in New York?

The first step is to file an official petition with the court. This petition can be filed by either spouse and must state the grounds for divorce. Once the petition has been filed, the other spouse must be served with divorce papers. They will then have the opportunity to respond to the petition.

The process will be much simpler if the divorce is uncontested, meaning that both spouses agree to the divorce and all of its terms. The spouses will need to sign a settlement agreement and submit it to the court for approval. Once the deal is approved, the divorce will be finalized.

If the divorce is contested, the process will be more complicated since both spouses do not agree on all of the terms. They will need to participate in mediation to try to reach a settlement agreement. If mediation is unsuccessful, the case will go to trial, and a judge will make the final decisions about the divorce. After these court decisions have been made, the divorce will be finalized.

How Can I Protect My Rights During Divorce?

It is important to consult with a Fairport, NY divorce lawyer prior to filing for divorce or even beginning the divorce process. This is because many important decisions need to be made during the divorce, and it is important to have legal guidance to ensure your rights are protected.

Some of the key decisions that need to be made during divorce include:

  • How will assets be divided? Will the property be divided evenly, or will one spouse receive more than the other?
  • How will debts be divided? Will both spouses be responsible for debts incurred during the marriage, or will one spouse be solely responsible?
  • How will child custody be handled? Who will possess primary custody of the children and what type of child visitation schedule will be put in place?
  • How will child support be calculated? How much will the noncustodial parent be required to pay in child support?
  • How will spousal maintenance be handled? Will one spouse be instructed to pay spousal maintenance to the other? If so, how much per month and for how long?

These are just some of the decisions that need to be made during a divorce. Fairport, NY divorce attorneys will ensure that none of these high-impact items falls through the cracks and will help you to protect your rights and interests throughout the process.

How to Share News About the Divorce With Your Children

If you have children, it is crucial to think about how you will share the news of your divorce with them. You want to ensure that you handle the situation in a way that is sensitive to their maturity and feelings.

Here are some tips for how to share news about your divorce with your children:

  • Talk to your spouse first. You and your spouse should discuss how to tell the kids about the divorce. You want to ensure that you are on the same page and are both prepared for the conversation.
  • Choose a good time to talk. You want to choose a time to talk when the kids are not stressed or overwhelmed with other things in their lives. You also want to ensure you have plenty of time to talk and answer any questions they may have.
  • Be honest with them. You want to be open with your kids about the divorce. Tell them that it is not their fault and that you both still love them very much. This step is crucial because when not stated explicitly otherwise, children will often blame themselves for the divorce.
  • Reassure them. Reassure your children they can still be able to see both of you and that your love for them will never change.
  • Be prepared to answer their questions. Your kids are likely to have a lot of questions about the divorce. You want to be prepared to answer these questions in a way that is honest and age-appropriate.
  • Seek professional help if needed. If you feel like your kids are struggling to cope with the news of the divorce, seek professional help. A therapist or counselor can help them to deal with their emotions and to adjust to the new family dynamic.

Divorce is never easy, but following these tips can help make the process a little bit easier for your children.

FAQs About Fairport, NY Divorce Lawyer

How Much Is a Divorce Lawyer in NY?

The cost of a divorce lawyer in New York will vary depending on the complexity of your case and the lawyer’s experience and fees. It is important to get an estimate from the lawyer before hiring them so that you know what you will be responsible for paying. There is no blanket fee for all divorce lawyers in New York, so be sure to ask for an estimate before hiring one.

How Long Does a Divorce Take in NY?

The length of time it takes to get a divorce in New York will vary depending on the complexity of your case. If you and your spouse can reach agreements on all issues, the divorce process can be relatively quick. However, if there are contested issues that need to be resolved, the process can take much longer. It is important to speak with a divorce lawyer in NY to estimate how long your case is likely to take.

Is NY A 50/50 State For divorce?

New York is not a 50/50 state for divorce. The courts in New York will divide marital property equitably, which means that the property will be divided in a fair, but not necessarily equal, way.

How Are Custody and Visitation Decided in NY?

Custody and visitation are decided based on what is in the child’s best interests. The court will consider many factors when making a custody determination, including the child’s age, the child’s relationship with each parent, the parent’s work schedules, and the child’s preference if they are old enough to express a choice.

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