Parent Relocations

Modifying Your Custody Agreement To Allow For Relocation

Judges use the “best interest of the child” standard to determine custody orders not only during your divorce proceedings but also after your divorce decree has been approved. Although you and your former spouse may have signed the initial custody agreement with the court’s oversight, family court judges can modify arrangements to allow for you to relocate with your child in certain circumstances.

You may feel that your out-of-state move will offer your child more opportunities to succeed; however, judges require that many qualifications be met before they will endorse a parent relocation. They recognize that establishing residency far from a noncustodial parent will increase the distance between your child and former spouse, lessening interaction.

When we meet with clients who are pursuing this goal, we explain why it is difficult to obtain a custody modification without a lawyer’s assistance. New York family law codes have been written to promote stability in a child’s life. Protecting the parent-child bond after divorce is one way to achieve this goal.

Guiding You Through Complicated Modifications

Our skilled family law attorney has navigated the complex process that allows custodial parents to move their children across state lines. We draw on these experiences when we develop a strategy to address your needs and unique situation.

You have an advantage in retaining our counsel because we know which evidence and arguments are the most compelling in court such as:

  • The emotional, economical and educational benefits associated with the move
  • The limited effect the move will have on the family bond
  • The adaptation to a visitation schedule account for the move

Throughout this process, we will give you an honest assessment of your choices. We understand that our role as your advocate is temporary, but the decisions you make may have a long-lasting effect. You and your loved ones will benefit from remaining well-informed.

Partner With Trotto Law Firm, P.C., To Expand Your Custody Options

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