Streamlining The Divorce Process To Avoid Prolonged Conflict

New York is a no-fault divorce state. As a result, individuals no longer have to prove fault to obtain a divorce. Before you can obtain a divorce, however, you and your spouse will need to resolve ancillary issues, including property division, child custody and child support, among others. If you represent yourself in your divorce, your immediate concerns and emotional state may lead you to make mistakes that prevent you from securing an agreement that serves your long-term interests.

The terms of your divorce agreement are final. There are, however, limited circumstances when you can modify terms of your divorce settlement, so it is important to have your interests advocated for. This way opportunity to work out agreements in your favor is not missed.

At Trotto Law Firm, P.C., our legal professionals use foresight to help you through filing for divorce and to obtain terms that benefit you now and in the future. Experience has taught us to anticipate the arguments opposing counsel will make and tailor our negotiation strategy accordingly.

When we advise our Rochester metro clients about their available options, we maintain the long view. All of the decisions regarding parenting time or property rights may have repercussions that last decades and affect your loved ones. Therefore, it is imperative that you partner with our knowledgeable legal professionals during this experience.

Customizing Strategies For Your Unique Situation

Having represented hundreds of clients, we know that each divorce case is different. As a result, we customize a course of action to reflect your circumstances and concerns.

Led by our founding attorney, Jonathan Trotto, we have handled a wide range of divorce and post-divorce matters, including:

In addition to representing your interests in court, we can also facilitate collaborative divorce. As a member of both the Collaborative Law Association of the Rochester Area, Inc. and the International Academy of Collaborative Professionals, Mr. Trotto has had success in using collaboration to resolve disputes.

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