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A Team Of Divorce And Family Specialists

In collaborative divorce, each party works with a team of professionals that typically includes an attorney, a financial expert, a divorce coach and a child specialist.

At Trotto Law Firm, P.C., firm principal Jonathan Trotto understands that issues are best resolved by taking a holistic approach and addressing the needs of the whole person or whole family when making decisions. Collaborative divorce does just that.

Understanding The Roles Of The Team Members

Each team member plays an important role in the collaborative divorce process. They are there to ensure that problems are identified and resolved constructively and that all parties are satisfied. Collaborative divorce has the benefit of being private, unlike litigated divorce.

  • The role of the attorney is to guide the client through the process and keep them informed of their options in accordance with New York state law. The attorney reviews and discusses settlement packages with the client, prepares all necessary legal documents and files the papers required to obtain the judgment of divorce.
  • The financial professional ensures that the parties understand what the assets to be divided are. The financial professional will gather the required financial and net worth data and can answer questions about which finances are included and why. Explaining taxes, budgeting and planning are all part of the financial professional’s role.
  • The divorce coach is most often a licensed mental health provider who acts as a conduit for negotiation. The divorce coach works to facilitate communication and understanding between the parties and can offer support with parenting plans.
  • The child specialist is focused on what the child or children need during this process. This specialist has a keen understanding of the emotional effect a divorce has on a child and works to ensure that they understand what is happening in a way that is appropriate for their age, development and capability. The child specialist can answer questions about the types of plans that work best for the child and can offer suggestions as to how to create new plans or improve existing ones.

In a collaborative divorce, the lawyers for each side and the other team members work in good faith at all times to resolve issues and solve problems. This allows for a positive process that produces creative solutions that work for both parties.

The Collaborative Resolution You Want Is Available

At Trotto Law Firm, P.C., we know you want to move forward. We work with you every step of the way to ensure that you are provided the highest-quality legal service that is tempered with compassion. Get the personal service you and your family need during this time. Call 585-643-7144 or send our team an email about your interest in the process.