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Collaborative Divorce Can Benefit Kids

Children of divorce often have greater fears of abandonment, more stress and divided loyalties. But it doesn’t have to be this way. Collaborative divorce can work to ensure that your children are protected from the “messy” parts of a less-than-amicable divorce.

Trotto Law Firm, P.C., principal attorney Jonathan Trotto and staff understand that children are the most important part of a parent’s life. When your children are happy and healthy and are getting the emotional support they need, the whole family benefits.

Taking Charge Of The Divorce Process

Perhaps the most profound difference between a traditional court case divorce and collaborative divorce is the amount of control parents have over the process. By listening and working together to identify issues and resolve them, parents not only move forward with their own lives and relationships, but they model for their children how to work together to diffuse conflict, as well.

Putting your children first means that you and your spouse will consider how decisions you make will affect your children. Your focus will be to ensure that your children are safe and their emotional needs are met during this time of transition.

Top 5 Benefits Of Collaborative Divorce For Children

Collaborative divorce is a modality that enables children to effectively deal with the fact that their parents will no longer live together but will still work as a team to raise them. With collaborative divorce, children typically:

  1. Know that even when parents live apart, they parent together
  2. Know that the divorce is not their fault and has nothing to do with their behavior
  3. Know that neither parent is the good parent or the bad parent
  4. Understand how their lives will change and how their lives will stay the same
  5. Get a single story about the divorce (the same one from both parents) and have less internal conflict about the process

Collaborative divorce is deeply personal and tailored to each family’s unique circumstance and needs. It is also a private process. Collaborative divorce does involve attorneys, but it also incorporates a support team of experts and professionals.

The Help You Need Is Here

At Trotto Law Firm, P.C., we know that divorce is a trying time. But it doesn’t have to be fraught with intense conflict. We can help. Call 585-643-7144 and speak to our staff about arranging a free consultation to get your collaborative divorce questions answered. You can also reach us via email.