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Analysis is needed for financial effects of a divorce settlement

When divorcing, both parties are looking for the best deal possible. A near even split of marital assets is often sought, but what may seem to be an even split can also come with consequences. Individuals in New York and elsewhere should consider seeking professional advice before signing a settlement agreement.

Managing finances during a divorce

The financial challenges involved with divorce are often some of the most difficult to deal with for people in New York who decide to end their marriage. From disentangling complex marital assets to attempting to make a new start with solo finances, dealing with property and funds during divorce can be some of the most contentious issues. However, there are several actions that people can take in order to help protect their assets during this time.

Tech industry can spark challenging high-asset divorces

Divorcing spouses in New York may find the end of their marriages to be a challenging time in both personal and practical contexts. Ending the emotional involvement of a marriage after a long, intense relationship can be particularly difficult, and these challenges can only be exacerbated in the case of high-asset divorces that involve complex assets.

Accounting for money taken from a joint account

If a New York spouse took money out of a joint account and put it into another account in his or her name only, the money may still be considered marital property. Even if that were not the case, a judge would likely not let the person keep all of that money. However, it may mean that the person is looking to get a divorce or is otherwise not invested in the marriage.

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