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April 2018 Archives

Lack of a will hurts Prince's heirs

New York residents who were fans of Prince likely remember that he died in April 2016. They may also know that he died without a will, which has made it more difficult for his heirs to receive their inheritances. At his death, Prince's estate had an estimated valued of about $200 million. However, the IRS and the executor of his estate cannot agree on exactly how much the estate was worth when the singer passed away.

Tips to help divorced parents with their children

When parents in New York get a divorce, they might be worried about its effects on their children. There are certain actions they can take and avoid to help their children through this time. For example, parents should offer their children distractions and monitor them for signs of depression.

Study finds that fighting over housework can lead to divorce

Household chores may be sending some New York couples to divorce court, according to a new report. The survey, which was conducted by Harvard Business School, involved 3,000 divorcing couples. Roughly 25 percent of them blamed arguments over housework as the top reason for parting ways.

Managing finances during a divorce

The financial challenges involved with divorce are often some of the most difficult to deal with for people in New York who decide to end their marriage. From disentangling complex marital assets to attempting to make a new start with solo finances, dealing with property and funds during divorce can be some of the most contentious issues. However, there are several actions that people can take in order to help protect their assets during this time.

What are grey divorces?

Do you know of a person in their 50’s or above who has divorced a long-time spouse? If you don’t, you probably will soon. That is because the divorce rate for older Americans has risen exponentially in the last several years. Grey divorce is the name for this phenomenon, which describes married couples splitting up after over 20 years together.

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