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Dealing with restrictions during a pending divorce

Going through a divorce can lead to some unexpected restrictions for some New York couples. During the process of finalizing a split, there are a number of changes and actions that may require patience. Even spouses who are prepared for the financial and legal changes may find themselves surprised by some of the things that they cannot do during the divorce proceedings.

Unexpected rules during a divorce

Once they begin the divorce process, New York spouses should first consult with their attorneys before making significant changes to their finances or taking certain parental actions. There are various rules and restrictions that come into play during a divorce, and not adhering to them can result in legal complications.

Making a divorce easier to handle

Divorce can be painful for any New York couple. However, there are ways to make the process as easy as possible. First, it's important for an individual to know what he or she needs during this time. It's also worthwhile to understand what the ex-spouse wants to settle a divorce in a timely manner.

Getting child support right between divorcing couples

Child support is a major point of contention among New York parents, especially formerly married exes. While some custodial parents feel like they deserve more, others believe that the system is rigged in favor of the recipients. The Census Bureau paints a clear picture of the child support dilemma in the U.S.

The dangers of divorce for entrepreneurs

While New York entrepreneurs may frequently deal with challenges in their businesses, one of the greatest challenges for an entrepreneur could be keeping a marriage going. There are several reasons that being an entrepreneur might not be compatible with a smooth relationship.

Things to keep in mind about sharing legal custody

Making a decision about child custody is often thought of as deciding where the child will live, but that is just the definition of physical custody. Parents in New York must also decide or have a judge decide whether they will share legal custody. Legal custody refers to the right of a parent to make major decisions about issues such as a child's religion, health care and education. Parents may share legal custody even if one has primary physical custody while the other has visitation rights.

Tips to help divorced parents with their children

When parents in New York get a divorce, they might be worried about its effects on their children. There are certain actions they can take and avoid to help their children through this time. For example, parents should offer their children distractions and monitor them for signs of depression.

Study finds that fighting over housework can lead to divorce

Household chores may be sending some New York couples to divorce court, according to a new report. The survey, which was conducted by Harvard Business School, involved 3,000 divorcing couples. Roughly 25 percent of them blamed arguments over housework as the top reason for parting ways.

Divorcing parents can divide child custody and visitation

For many New York parents going through a divorce, planning for a future of co-parenting can be very difficult. The process often involves dealing with child custody and visitation. While both refer to parenting time with a minor child, the two are distinct and separate. Child custody is not only about physical presence but also the right to make important legal, medical or educational decisions for a child.

Tips for financial planning in case of divorce

Divorce might not be on the minds of couples in New York who are getting married, but there are reasons that individuals might want to think about creating a prenuptial agreement. Just as most people put on seat belts when they get into a car although they do not expect to crash, taking financial precautions in case of a divorce can also protect people.

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